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 Source Address Management System (SAMS) for ALERT2

 The ALERT2 protocol is continuing to gain momentum as the successor to the ALERT protocol. As real-time data collection needs continue to rise and as new communities choose to undertake this effective low-cost means of managing flood risk, the need for oversight and coordination of addressing assignments is increasingly vital.  To avoid potential conflicts among systems, ALERT2 addresses must be assigned in a sustainable way that ensures uniqueness throughout the country.  
SAMS was developed by NHWC to be a simple web-based application through which system owners request addresses for specific sites.  The application issues a unique Source Address and stores it, along with its associated agency and site name in its database. This automated process requires minimal administrative oversight while insuring that assigned addresses are not duplicated.  No fees are charged for registering or for using SAMS.   
SAMS can be accessed through Source addresses are assigned in a range from 1 – 65501 (0 and 65501 - 65535 are reserved).  Source addresses must be geographically unique and, if used more than once, the networks that they exist on must be isolated from each other so that there is no confusion about which location an ALERT2 message is generated from. The combination of agency name and source address is required to be unique globally.  
SAMS Contributor Acknowledgements  
The following people and organizations have contributed to the development and support of SAMS:  
National Hydrologic Warning Council
National Hydrologic Warning Council, Technical Working Group
County of Orange
Harris County Flood Control District
OneRain Incorporated
Robert Thompson, Bureau of Meteorology, Australia
Urban Drainage and Flood Control District  
To join the above in contributing to SAMS, please click here.
To download the ALERT2 SAMS Request for Support Funding, please click here.

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