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A Glossary of Organizational Acronyms can be found at the end of this page

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Climate Change and Flood Risk (models, research, risk alerts)

Title Issuing Authority or Region Link (if Available) Format
Flood Smart FEMA, National Flood Insurance Program. Website
Community Rating System for Flood Warning Programs FEMA, National Flood Insurance Program. PDF
Flash Floods: Forecasting and Warnings Kevin Sene Click here for link Limited availability on Google Books, full text available for purchase
Flood Map Service FEMA Interactive Website
Hydrology Software UDFCD/MHFD Website with Executable Downloads Available
National Flood Insurance Community Rating Program UDFCD Website 
Federal Alliance for Safe Homes Flood Resources FLASH  Interactive Website 
Association of State Flood Plain Managers  ASFM   Website

Flood Warning System Overviews and Guides

Title Issuing Authority or Region Link (if Available) Format
Flood Warning Systems: A Guide to Understanding, Implementing, and Operating Flood Warning Systems USGS (NOAA) PDF
Flood Warning Systems Manual NOAA PDF
Flash Flood Early Warning System Reference Guide NOAA, COMET Log-In required
Urban Storm Drainage Criteria Manual UDFCD/MHFD 3-Volume PDF
UDFCD Flood Engineering Specs UDFCD/MHFD Website with Downloads Available (Varied File Types)
ALERT and Flash Flood Prediction Program Resources (Includes Flood History and Flood Safety) UDFCD  Website
 A Guide to Public Alerts and Warnings for Dam and Levee Emergencies  USACE PDF download 
California State Alert and Warning Guidelines  CA Governer's Office of Emergency Services  PDF

Automated Flood Warning Systems

Title Issuing Authority or Region Link (if Available) Format
Automated Flood Warning Systems (PDF) National Weather Service, NOAA PDF
Automated Flood Warning Systems (Interactive Website) National Weather Service, NOAA Interactive Website
ALERT2 Public Interest Documents National Hydrologic Warning Council PDF
 A Guide to Public Alerts and Warnings for Dam and Levee Emergencies USACE PDF


Title Issuing Authority or Region Description Link (if Available)
Guidance on Flash Flood Management Eastern Europe This report seeks to synthesize and, as far as possible, conceptualize the approach that can be taken to address the issue of flash floods both on the national and (for flash floods most importantly) on the lower administrative scales of districts and communities.
Integrated Flood Management Tool Series: Flood Forecasting and Early Warning Associate Programme on Flood Management (Global Water Partnership, World Meteorlogical Organization) This tool is designed to provide a practical, step-by-step guide to developing and operating the total flood warning system to agencies responsible for creating and communicating flood warnings. It covers predicting flood levels and the likely impacts of a flood, designing and disseminating warning messages, as well as the means of reviewing the system’s effectiveness following an event.
Flood Warning Austrialian Institute for Disaster Resilience The Guide is designed for use by all those who have roles to play in developing and operating flood warning systems and providing flood warning services.
General Guidelines for Setting-Up a Community-Based Flood Forecasting and Warning System UN, World Meteorlogical Organization The guide was created for flood prone communities within relatively small watersheds or sub-basins to create their own Flood Warning System where not covered by a larger automated Flood Forecasting or Warning system.
Manual on Flood Forecasting and Warning World Meteorological Organization The Manual on Flood Forecasting and Warning provides the basic knowledge and guidance to develop or to set up an appropriate and tailored system for any case in which a flood forecasting and warning system is required. The aim is to provide a succinct but comprehensive overview of the basic knowledge and information that the relevant personnel of the National Meteorological or Hydrometeorological Services or other flood management service should require.
Manual for Mock Flood Response Exercise with Early Warning System Practical Action (UK Based Agency that sources solutions and resources for problems caused by climate change and gender inequality) This booklet gives guidelines about mock flood exercises for flood response based on early warning systems. These guidelines have been prepared based on the experience and learning of carrying out mock flood exercises in communities for almost a decade.
Climate Information and Early Warning Systems Communication Toolkit UNDP (Africa) Learn to issue and package early warnings and create integrated communication strategies that support the value propposition for climate information, weather forecastst, and National HydroMeteorological Services in Africa.
Flood Forecasting and Early Warning: a Transboundary River Basin Toolkit UN ESCAP the toolkit would be of practical value to the flood forecasting community, technical experts, disaster risk managers, and policymakers for enhancing flood early warning systems, especially in transboundary river basins.

Glossary of Organizational Acronyms

ASFM    Association of State Flood Plain Managers 
FEMA    Federal Emergency Management Agency
NFIP    National Flood Insurance Program
NHWC    National Hydrologic Warning Council
NWS    National Weather Service
UDFCD    Urban Drainage and Flood Control District - Now the Mile High Flood District (MHFD) 
UN ESCAP    United Nationals Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific
UNDP    United Nationals Development Programme
WMO    World Meteorlogical Organization

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