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Wednesday Detailed Agenda (May 11, 2011)
-subject to change-



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                TIME                                                 SESSION & ROOM
      6:30 am -  8:00 am        CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST
                                               Location:  Exhibition Pavillion
      7:00 am -  4:30 pm        REGISTRATION
                                                Location:  Foyer
                                                Registration Coordinator:  Sue Seawalt 
      8:00 am -  4:30 pm        EXHIBITION HALL OPEN
                                                Location:  Exhibition Pavillion
                                                Exhibition Coordinators:  John Joiner & Andy Knaak
      8:00 am - 10:00 am        GENERAL SESSION I   (WEBINAR SESSION)
                                                Location:  International Ballroom (Riviera/Monte Carlo/St. Tropez)
                                                Moderator:  Kevin Stewart, NHWC President

NHWC Welcome to San Diego
Kevin Stewart, NHWC President

NHWC Executive Program Committee Status Report
Moderator:  Brian McCallum, EPC Chair 

"Advancing Hydrologic Forecasts and Warnings in the Information Age"

Mary M. Glackin
Undersecretary for Operations
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)


Michael Gabaldon
Director of Technical Services
U.S Bureau of Reclamation
    10:00 am - 10:30 am        BREAK in Exhibition Pavillion
    10:30 am - 12:00 pm        GENERAL SESSION II   (WEBINAR SESSION)
                                                Location:  International Ballroom (Riviera/Monte Carlo/St. Tropez)
                                                Moderator, Steve Fitzgerald, NHWC Vice-President

"Future Flood Hazards in California, Oregon and Washington-An Analysis of Atmospheric-River Storms in Projections of 
21st Century Climate Change"

    Michael Dettinger, USGS & Scripps Institute

"A Nationwide Comprehensive Water Management System:  Can We Get There and Why Should You Care"
    Christopher Dunn, Director, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers,
        Hydrologic Engineering Center (HEC), Davis, California

"Efforts in the International Hydrologic Warning Arena:  Empowering
the Future" 
    Mark Heggli
    Innovative Hydrology, Inc.
   12:00 pm -1:30 pm         LUNCH w/ guest speaker
Location:  International Ballroom-Capri/San Marino/Sorrento                              


"Merchants of Doubt:  How a Handful of Scientists Obscured the Truth on Issues from Tobacco Smoke to Global Warming"
Dr. Naomi Oreskes, University of San Diego

Moderator:  David Curtis, NHWC 2011 Agenda Committee Chair

Book signing by author will immediately follow
      1:30 pm -  3:00 pm        CONCURRENT SESSION 1:  Breaking Through the Noise
                                                Collaboration on a Regional Scale
                                                    Sponsored by NHWC Hazard Communications & 
                                                    Public Awareness Sub-Committee

                                                    Room:  St. Tropez
                                                    Moderator:  Mariana Leckner
"Flood Response Efforts in the Upper Ohio River Basin-A Collaboration between the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the U.S. Geological Survey" 
Werner C. Loehein, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

"Using a Regional Climate Outlook Forum to Improve Drought Early Warning in the Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint River Basin" 
    Chad McNutt, NOAA National Integrated Drought Information System (NIDIS)

"Australian Bureau of Meteorology-Flood Warning Field &
Data Collection Systems-A Highly Available National Service"
 Robert Thompson, Australia Bureau of Meteorology
       1:30 pm - 3:00 pm        CONCURRENT SESSION 2:  Understanding Global Connections  
                                                  Improving Tools for Better Hydrologic Warning
                                                    Room:  Monte Carlo
                                                    Moderator:  Kent Frantz
"HEC-RTS Use for Watershed Forecasting; Recent
Enhancements HEC-RTS and HEC-HMS"
    William J. Charley, USACE

"Predicting Flash Floods and Debris Flows in Forest
Fire Burn Areas of Western Montana and North Cenral
Ray Nickless, NOAA-National Weather Service

"Estimating the Magnitude and Frequency of Floods in
Urban Basins of Georgia"
    Anthony Gotvald, U.S. Geological Survey
       1:30 pm - 3:00 pm        CONCURRENT SESSION 3:  Training for Field Personnel
                                                 Telemetry Options  (WEBINAR SESSION)
                                                    Sponsored by NHWC Training & Professional Development

Room:  Riviera
                                                    Moderator:  John McEnery
"Pros & Cons of Land-Based Radio Telemetry Systems"
 Brian Iserman, J.E. Fuller, Inc.

"Future Very Narrowband Radio Requirements: 
Implications for the Hydrologic Warning Community"
    Timothy Salo, Salo IT Solutions

"Pros & Cons of Space-Based Telemetry Systems"
    Terry Colgan, Sutron, Inc.
       1:30 pm - 3:00 pm        CONCURRENT SESSION 4:  Adapting to Change
                                                 Building & Maintaing Large-Scale Warning Systems
                                                    Sponsored by NHWC Data Collection Sub-Committee
Room:  Portofino/Marseilles
                                                    Moderator:  Jim Kolva
"Building Global End-to-End Hydrometeorological
Warning Systems"
 Curtis Barrett, WMO Consultant

"Monitoring Network of the Lower Colorado River Authority"
    David Murdoch, Lower Colorado River Authority

"Maintaining a National Observation Network:  Lessons
for Hydrologic Warning Systems"

    Michael A. Palecki, NCDC
       1:30 pm - 3:00 pm        CONCURRENT SESSION 5:  Hydrologic Hazards:  What's 
                                            Happening Now?  Extreme Events, Part I
                                                    Sponsored by NHWC Hydrology/Modeling & Analysis

Room:  Las Palmas/Marabella
                                                    Moderator:  George Smith
"Record Floods of Greater Nashville, May 1-3, 2010"
 Kevin Werner, NOAA-National Weather Service

"USGS Monitoring Efforts and Lessons Learned from the Historic 2009 Georgia Floods"
    Brian McCallum, U.S. Geological Survey

"The Albert Pike Flash Flood Tragedy of June 11, 2010"
    Tabitha Clarke, NOAA-National Weather Service
       1:30 pm - 3:00 pm        CONCURRENT SESSION 6:  Breaking Through the Noise  
                                                Flood Inundation Mapping Initiatives and Strategies
                                                    Room:  Terrazza Ballroom
                                                    Moderator:  Scott Morlock
  "USGS Flood Inundation Mapping Initiative:  An Overview"
William Guertal, U.S. Geological Survey

"Susquehanna Inundation Map Viewer:  Strategies in Web-
Based Flood Risk Management"
    Benjamin Pratt, Susquehanna River Basin Authority

"Historical Flooding & Opportunities for Real-Time
Forecast Flood Inundation Mapping"

    Victor Hom, NOAA-National Weather Service
       3:00 pm -  3:30 pm       BREAK in Exhibition Pavillion
       3:30 pm -  5:30 pm       CONCURRENT SESSION 7:  Breaking Through the Noise
                                                 Communicating Flood Risk
                                                    Room:  St. Tropez
                                                    Moderator:  Mike Griffin
"Using WebGIS to Communicate Flood Hazard Risks"
 Chad Kudym, GIS Workshop, Inc.

"Geospatial Web Applications for Communicating Flood Risk"

    Matthew Mampara, Dewberry, Inc.

"USGS Flood Inundation Mapping Iniative:  Products and
    Marie Peppler, U.S. Geological Survey

"Communicating Flood Risk to Affected Stakeholders"
    Bruce Rindahl, Ventura County Flood Control District
       3:30 pm -  5:30 pm        CONCURRENT SESSION 8:  Understanding Global Connections
                                                 Rainfall-Runoff Modeling
                                                    Room:  Monte Carlo
                                                    Moderator:  Victor Hom
"Evaluation of the KINEROS2 Distributed Rainfall-Runoff
Model and Comparison with Existing Modeling Procedures
for the Johnson Creek Basin in Portland, Oregon"

    Andy Bryant, NOAA-National Weather Service

"A Nested Modeling Approach Using the Precipitation
Runoff Modeling System in the Appalachicola-
Chattahoochee-Flint River Basin in the Southeastern USA"
    Jacob LaFontaine, U.S. Geological Survey

"Application of a Distributed Model in Forecasting
Fast-Responding Small Basins in Areas of Complex Terrain"
    Michael Schaffner, NOAA-National Weather Service

"Fourmile Canyon Post-Fire Flood Risk Assessment"
    Kevin Stewart, Denver Urban Drainage & Flood Control District
       3:30 pm -  5:30 pm        CONCURRENT SESSION 9:  Hydrologic Hazards:  What's
                                             Happening Now?  Extreme Events, Part II
                                             (WEBINAR SESSION)
                                                    Room:  Riviera
                                                    Moderator:  Rand Allan
"Historic Flood of May 2010 - Cumberland River Basin"
 Benjamin Rohrback, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

"Epic Flooding in North Georgia:  The Top Ten
Lessons Learned"

    Kent Frantz, NOAA-National Weather Service

"The Value of ALERT Networks, Q2 Data and Real-
Time Inter-Agency Collaboration During the Deadly,
Record Central Iowa Flooding of August 2010"
    Jeffrey Zogg, NOAA-National Weather Service

"USACE Fort Worth District Dams & Lakes:  Lessons
Learned from the 2007 Flood Events"
Fred Jensen
, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
       3:30 pm -  5:30 pm        CONCURRENT SESSION 10:  Breaking Through the Noise
                                                 Building Systems through Partnerships
                                                    Room:  Portofino/Marsailles
                                                    Moderator:  Josh McSwain
"Arkansas Flood Warning Information Systems"
 Bob Blanchard, U.S. Geological Survey

"Development of a Flood-Warning System for Selected
Stream Reaches in Licking County, Ohio"

    Chad Ostheimer, U.S. Geological Survey

"Establishing Benchmarks:  The Shrewsbury River Flood
Warning System"
    Mariana Leckner, American Military University

"Improving Hydrologic Monitoring Networks and Flood
Monitoring and Warning Tools for the Nashville, Tennessee Area"
    Shannon Williams, U.S. Geological Survey
       3:30 pm -  5:30 pm        CONCURRENT SESSION 11:  Training for Field Personnel
                                                 ALERT2TM Protocol Testing & Implementation Forum
Sponsored by NHWC ALERT2TM Technical Working Group
                                                    Room:  Las Palmas/Marabella
                                                    Moderator:  Ilse Gayl
This session will provide an overview of ALERT2TM progress to date. We will provide a brief background, a full-on demo of multiple implementation approaches, a round-table discussion by managers who are in transition to ALERT2TM, and lots of Q&A time.  Technical Working Group Members and Participants include:
    Steve Fitzgerald, Harris County FCD, TX
    Ilse Gayl, OneRain
    David Haynes, Distinctive AFWS Designs
    Scott Holder, Ventura County Watershed Protection District, CA
    David Leader, HydroLynx
    James Logan, OneRain
    Dan Miller, City of Overland Park, KS
    Chris Roark, Blue Water Design
    Jim Slouber, High Sierra Electronics
    Kevin Stewart, Denver UDFCD, CO
    Rob Thompson, Bureau of Meterology, AU
    Sam Utley, Campbell Scientific
    Don Van Wie, Telos Services
       3:30 pm -  5:30 pm        CONCURRENT SESSION 12:  Breaking Through the Noise
                                                 Uncertainty in Precipitation Estimates

                                                    Sponsored by NHWC Data Collection Sub-Committee
Room:  Terrazza Ballroom
                                                    Moderator:  Eylon Shamir
"Quantitative Precipitation Forecasting for Hydrological
Application, PERSIANN-CCS Approach"
 Ali Zahraei, University of California-Irvine

"Trends in Precipitation Forecasting Skill at the California-Nevada River Forecasting Center"

    Alan Haynes, NOAA-National Weather Service

"Use of Gauge-Adjusted Radar Rainfall During Tropical Storm Hermine
in Austin, Texas"
    Baxter Vieux, Vieux & Associates

"Uncertainty in Precipitation Forecasts from
Meteorological Mesoscale Models"
    M.J. Murphy, Hydrologic Research Center
       4:30 pm -  5:30 pm       EXHIBITION HALL CLOSED for cleaning
       4:30 pm -  5:30 pm        ALERT Users Group Board meeting-in Board Room 
    5:30 pm -  7:30 pm   
 Vendor Reception
    Located in the Exhibition Hall

Spend a few hours with the vendors browsing the latest services and technologies available to operators of hydrologic warning and data collection systems. Light hors d'oeuvres will be served as snacks.  Cash bar available.
Each attendee gets 1 drink ticket with

Raffle of select vendor-supplied prizes, along with an NHWC prize drawing is always a favorite of conference attendees!

     7:30 pm - till                    DINNER on own 
     8:00 pm - 11:00 pm
    Sponsored by Hydrolynx, Inc.






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